12 Best spy apps for Apple without jailbreak!

12 Best spy apps for Apple without jailbreak!

The era of digital technologies opens up many new prospects for us, in particular, the ability to remotely monitor all the actions that the person performs on their cell phone while staying completely unnoticed.

Many spy programs are completely legal, they are distributed in official app stores, and can be used either by individuals (for spying on loved ones that are supposedly cheating, or children) or by commercial organizations for monitoring their employees’ activities during working hours. Listening to conversations and the surroundings of a mobile phone or tablet, reading SMS and emails, collecting data about the visited sites and installed applications, keystroke logging and much more has become easy and affordable with advanced spy apps.

There are a lot of such programs, and it is quite difficult to figure out which one you should invest in. Therefore, we have selected the best market offers, analyzed each app in detail and compared all their features and prices to offer you the best iPhone spy software without jailbreak!

Why do you need hidden spy apps for the iPhone?

Spying on a child

Modern spy apps provide you with the best parental control features to help your kids stay fully protected.

These simple programs will help you turn your phone into a comprehensive spying station, keeping kids safe from cyberbullying, scams, social media addiction, excessive screen time, and access to adult content. Moreover, many of these apps work seamlessly without jailbreaking or rooting.

Corporate safety

Effective protection of corporate networks from both external and internal threats is a priority for many modern companies.

Traditional protection tools can’t effectively deal with “internal sabotage”, but this problem is successfully solved by spyware that is quietly installed on stationary and mobile devices of company employees and allows you to track all their actions with corporate data.

Unfaithful spouse

The infidelity of a loved one can break your heart and ruin your life. Therefore, if you have the slightest suspicion that your spouse has a big secret, it’s best to find out the truth as soon as possible.

Modern undetectable iOS spyware was created exactly for this: you can quickly and secretly install it on your husband’s or wife’s mobile device, so he or she won’t even know about that. This way you can find out everything and never be detected!

Best of the best iPhone spyware

Best spyware for iPhone without jailbreak has a bunch of features to successfully compete with each other. And, if you’re a newbie, it can take you weeks to thoroughly compare apps to find the best solution for your needs.

We have done all the work for you, and you can install and use any of our top favorite apps, as these are the best solutions today!

12 Best spy apps for Apple without jailbreak!

Cocospy Best Values

This app is known as one of the most trusted phone spying solutions.
This iPhone spy app with no jailbreak is undetectable: the program has a hidden icon, hides its process in the process manager, uses only a few megabytes and consumes very little battery power.
Other advantages are its huge range of features and reasonable price..
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12 Best spy apps for Apple without jailbreak!

eyeZy Best Values

It’s a particularly powerful solution in terms of monitoring, whether for parental control or spying on a partner.
Using artificial intelligence, eyeZy offers dynamic and feature-rich monitoring, allowing you to track calls (with the date and duration of each call), SMS, and emails. You can easily analyze someone’s social media activity (eyeZy supports 18 most popular apps), monitor geolocation, keystroke combinations, and website visits, take screenshots, block online games and apps on the target device, and much more!
12 Best spy apps for Apple without jailbreak!

KidsGuard Pro Best Values

KidsGuard is an app with advanced parental control features that allows you to track calls, conversations, browser history, wireless network connections, social media activity, see media files, installed apps, and even phone battery level. If you need to connect all family members, you can synchronize several gadgets at once.
The app also features an intuitive interface, 100% stealth, and multilingual support. No jailbreak is required!

Top spy undetectable iPhone spyware without jailbreak in 2022

Your perfect spy software should have all the features you need, and be user-friendly, reliable, and cheap. And if you can install it on the target phone without jailbreak, then you can use it without even touching that phone!

Making the right choice is quite difficult, so we compared in detail the best programs in terms of their features and cost, and compiled this rating of top iOS spy apps for you.



Cocospy is maybe the most demanded iPhone spy without jailbreak. Its main benefit is the comprehensive monitoring of modern mobile gadgets. Developed by a company with an excellent reputation, Cocospy is an absolutely legal app.

The program works in incognito mode, and does not affect battery consumption, so it is almost impossible to track its activity. Also, the CocoSpy suite is famous for its loyal pricing and advanced functionality that is not inferior to the strongest competitors.

The full free version is provided as a demo.


  • Reading call history and deleted messages;
  • Viewing media files;
  • Viewing browser history;
  • Location tracking;
  • Viewing calendar;
  • Viewing information about the SIM card;
  • Checking contacts;
  • Keylogger.
  • Easy and fast installation;
  • Wide choice of features;
  • Ability to hide the application icon;
  • Stable work;
  • 100% invisibility;
  • Remote install on iPhone (you need to have an access to the owner’s iCloud account);
  • Ability to simultaneously listen to conversations on 30 target phones;
  • “Danger mode” with notifications;
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Spying on Facebook Messenger is only available for Android;
  • If the user resets the target phone to factory settings, then you have to reinstall the program;
  • Phone support is paid.


The application is fully compatible with all Apple devices (iPhone and iPad). You don’t need to jailbreak your device to install the program.


  • Premium (1 device): $10.83/month;
  • Family (5 devices): $99.99/month;
  • Business (25 devices): 399.99/month.


Eyezy app is another worthy no jailbreak iPhone spy app to keep abreast of all the activities of your kids, partner, or employees of your company at a very affordable price.

After the app is installed, you can activate the stealth mode and watch their steps while staying completely invisible.

A convenient and illustrative Dashboard is another Eyezy’s advantage (the app collects so much data that it would be too difficult to analyze it without such a convenient tool). For example:

  • the program creates clear graphs of your kids’ activity on their phones they won’t tell you about;
  • at the bottom of the screen, there is a map with the child’s current location and the history of his/her routes;
  • on the left, you will find a menu containing monitoring results from different sections, from new photos on the phone to keyboard input data.


  • Determining the exact location;
  • Viewing call logs, contacts, and messages;
  • Monitoring social media activity;
  • Accessing browser history;
  • Checking emails;
  • Viewing and blocking apps and access to certain sites and wireless networks;
  • Accessing saved files;
  • Built-in keylogger;
  • Illustrative dashboard.
  • Easy installation and configuration;
  • Surprisingly intuitive interface;
  • Built-in screen recording function;
  • Advanced keylogger;
  • Impressive selection of features;
  • Efficient social media monitoring;
  • Accurate location tracking.
  • Lack of many additional tracking features;
  • No free trial;
  • The multi-device tracking feature is quite costly;
  • The dashboard is only available via browser.


eyeZy perfectly works on iOS devices, irrespective of the OS version. For the non-jailbroken version, you must have at least iOS 7 installed.


  • Monthly subscription: $47.99;
  • Quarterly subscription: $27.99/month;
  • Annual subscription: $9.99/month.

KidsGuard Pro

If you’re looking for the best spyware for iPhone without jailbreak, then you should try KidsGuard Pro! It is a modern, highly effective monitoring app for parents, spouses, and business owners.

The program provides plenty of useful features for everyone. For example, you can see the log of your child’s routes and a list of frequently used applications right on the main page, as well as you can manage the list of restricted sites on the top panel.

The application has a simple interface, perfect real-time synchronization and compatibility, a good price and responsive customer support.


  • GPS tracking;
  • Recording calls;
  • Viewing browser history;
  • Taking screenshots and accessing the camera;
  • Seeing media content and gallery;
  • Reading messages and emails;
  • Viewing app activity;
  • Restricting access to certain Wi-Fi networks.
  • 5-minute installation;
  • No jailbreak needed;
  • 100% stealth (it’s almost impossible to locate the program);
  • Monitoring the majority of social networks and instant messengers;
  • Cross-platform (Android/iOS/Windows);
  • Receiving updates remotely in no time;
  • Convenient data sorting options.
  • The app is quite costly;
  • The search may not show exact results sometimes.


The application is compatible with iOS versions 9+. The program works fine without jailbreak; however, if you want to access the bunch of top features, you will definitely need it.


  • 1-month subscription: $29.95;
  • 3-month subscription: $16.65/month;
  • 1-year subscription: $8.32/month.


mSpy, the Powerful multi-functional spy software is a well-deserved market leader. A simple algorithm of use, an intuitive interface and a wide range of monitoring features make the program indispensable, especially in the field of parental control.

This perfect undetectable iPhone spy reviews calls, messages and chats, browser history and lots of other activities, as well as offers some completely unique, innovative control features such as blocking suspicious content, unwanted contacts, geofencing and more.

The program provides installation files in apk, ipa, or .exe formats.


  • GPS tracking and Geofencing;
  • Email monitoring;
  • Viewing contacts and call history;
  • Reading text messages;
  • WiFi monitoring;
  • Viewing videos and photos;
  • Keylogger;
  • Locking or cleaning the target device;
  • IM monitoring (WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangouts, Skype, Snapchat, LINE, Tinder, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and iMessage);
  • Changing the target device an unlimited number of times;
  • Keyword alerts;
  • Blocking incoming calls, applications and websites;
  • Absolute invisibility;
  • SIM change notification.
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • A bunch of amazing features;
  • Convenient interface with illustrative icons;
  • Tracking all common social media applications and instant messengers efficiently;
  • Excellent real-time location tracking features as well as remote screen capture options;
  • Good choice of customer support channels.
  • You need to jailbreak the device to access all Premium plan features;
  • The Basic version offers limited features, while the Premium version is expensive;
  • Advanced customer support is paid;
  • Lack of environment listening and call recording features.


The program works with jailbroken phones with iOS versions 7 – 8.4, and 9.0 – 9.1 installed. If the device is not jailbroken, then you can use iCloud storage for data transfer and the application works on any iOS 7+ device.


  • 1-month subscription: $48,99;
  • 3-month subscription: $47,99/month;
  • 12-month subscription: $11,66/month.

SpyBubble Pro

SpyBubble, one of the best iPhone spy app no jailbreak, is the leading Instagram spy app today. It is versatile and perfect for any purpose.

The rich functionality of the application allows you to keep track of all activities performed on the target device, such as viewing every message the person receives and sends, seeing the call logs, and listening to phone surroundings when he or she is out with someone else.

The app stays completely hidden on the target cell phone and does not cause lagging, heating, or any other issues, hence the person does not know that the app is installed, and therefore they cannot remove it.

So if you are looking for an iPhone spy app thats undetectable, you should definitely give SpyBubble a try!


  • Tracking calls & contacts;
  • Reading messages;
  • Tracking location;
  • Monitoring activity on social media & dating apps;
  • Accessing camera & microphone;
  • Playing video from the target device;
  • Seeing the list of all the apps installed on someone’s phone (both currently installed and those that were deleted);
  • Having access to many other common features such as WiFi, browser history, Email, etc.
  • Easy to install due to automatic setup;
  • Tracking deleted call logs and messages;
  • Location tracking works perfectly;
  • Keylogger;
  • Taking screenshots;
  • Quick data syncing;
  • No significant impact on the target phone.
  • No geofencing feature;
  • Video streaming and photo snapshot doesn’t always work properly;
  • No demo;
  • Lacks call listening feature.


The app works perfectly with all devices running on iOS, you don’t even need to jailbreak the target phone and install the app — the device is monitored via iCloud backup (you need a username and password).


  • 1-month subscription: $49.99;
  • 3- month subscription: $83.79/month;
  • 1-year subscription: $139.92/month.


FlexiSpy is one of the oldest spyware (launched in 2005) and is probably the most advanced app on the market today!

It offers some interesting benefits such as advanced features that allow you to record conversations and intercept calls on a monitored device with a high level of reliability, which many competitor programs cannot boast of.

Also, FlexySpy offers a high level of control over the use of a PC.

  • Call listening and recording, “Ambient Recording” (listening to the environment via the gadget’s microphone);
  • Monitoring social networks;
  • Advanced GPS tracking;
  • Long-distance camera recording;
  • Viewing a photo or video with metadata;
  • Remote device control;
  • Remote update;
  • Keylogger;
  • Tracking and logging a wide range of applications.
  • Well-hidden app location;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • A set of advanced features such as listening to the environment or remote camera access;
  • Impeccable 24/7 technical support (email or online chat);
  • Installation support: the support team will help you to install the app, root. or jailbreak the device remotely;
  • Full license refund policy within 10 days;
  • Multilingual support.
  • You need jailbreak or root rights to access the advanced features;
  • Most of the useful features are only available in the Extreme version;
  • FlexiSPY is a bit more expensive than other programs.


The application works perfectly with iOS versions 6.0 – 13.x (for later versions, it can only work in tethered mode).

Before installing Flexispy, you will need to jailbreak devices running on iOS, but support team members can do this for you remotely.


  • Lite plan: $29.95/month (access to a few features);
  • Premium plan: $68/month (extended set of features);
  • Extreme plan: $199/3 month (access to all features).


Spyzie is a very flexible, fast-growing mobile device monitoring app, one of the best iPhone spying software without jailbreak, with great functionality suitable for parents, couples and business owners. GPS Tracking, Geofencing, call and SMS tracking, Keylogging, and screenshots are just a superficial introduction to Spyzie’s capabilities.

Spyzie collects a huge amount of data from the target device and displays it in a convenient format in the dashboard. And you can get everything without the need to jailbreak the device.

By the way, it is, maybe, the cheapest spy app out there!


  • Viewing call history with all data (time, date, names, numbers, type of call and its duration);
  • Reading all sent and received messages (including searching through iMessage);
  • Real-time location tracking;
  • Geofencing (you can limit a virtual area and immediately receive a message when it is exceeded by the target device);
  • Reading WhatsApp chats (+ all chat history);
  • Viewing any media files remotely;
  • Viewing contacts;
  • Monitoring of browser history and bookmarks;
  • Viewing installed apps (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.).
  • Amazing ease of use, intuitive dashboard and clear navigation;
  • Affordable price;
  • Perfectly works on almost all iOS versions;
  • Convenient real-time data tracking;
  • Dashboard demo version available;
  • The ability to track almost any activity;
  • Constant compatibility updates.
  • You need to have iCloud account details to monitor iOS devices;
  • Full access to all features will cost you $49.99 per month.


Spyzie works with all Apple devices running on iOS 8.0 or newer versions.


  • Pro plan (includes almost all the features that Spyzie offers except for timeline, alerts, and data export): $39.99 per month or $99.99 per year;
  • Ultimate plan (includes all features): $49.99 per month or $119.99 per year.


While listing the best spy apps for iPhone no jailbreak, we couldn’t help mentioning Spyic, a program that provides advanced features to track the activities of your kids, loved ones, or employees, while staying absolutely undetected.

The spy works in the stealth background mode, launching immediately after setting it up, with no or little effect on the target device’s battery level, and is not displayed in the list of installed applications.

An intuitive interface and a visual control panel allow you to easily get all the data you need at your fingertips.


  • Tracking calls;
  • Viewing contacts;
  • Reading messages;
  • Accurate location tracking;
  • Viewing the history of web pages visited;
  • Viewing photos;
  • Previewing video;
  • Tracking social media activity;
  • Advanced keylogger;
  • Full access to the calendar, installed programs and information about the SIM card.
  • Viewing all photos on the device;
  • Quality keylogger;
  • High reliability and tracking various types of data easily;
  • Huge selection of useful features;
  • Hidden mode;
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device;
  • Customer support 24/7.
  • The location tracking feature sometimes does not work correctly;
  • Inability to download videos;
  • The app is overpriced;
  • Lack of functions for recording calls.


Apple devices are supported starting from iOS 7 and later without the need to jailbreak the device. However, without a jailbreak, it will be difficult to monitor the activity due to the new Apple rules and settings for two-factor authentication.


  • Premium plan (1 device): $49.99 per month;
  • Family plan (5 devices): $99.99 per month;
  • Business (25 devices): $399.99 per month.


Spyzzz is a relatively young program that managed to burst onto the market with some exclusive features that not all the old market leaders could boast of. It is a perfect solution for monitoring chats, call histories, and social media activities (this is the best solution for staying aware of your spouse’s or kids’ WhatsApp activities).

The program has such fascinating features as blocking access to certain geolocations, applications, and sites, full access to browser history and bookmarks, contact lists, call history, all types of text messages, etc.

Having the ability to use this amazing iOS spy app without jailbreak, you can also take advantage of the 60-day money-back guarantee!


  • Access to contact list and call logs;
  • Reading SMS messages;
  • Watching social media activity (it even records secret chats on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, and other apps.) and browser history;
  • SIM change notifications;
  • Monitoring full app activity;
  • Using thought-out keylogger;
  • GPS monitoring;
  • Restricting access to locations, apps, and websites;
  • Taking pictures on the camera remotely.
  • Straightforward interface and intuitive control panel;
  • A thorough system for tracking social media activity;
  • 60-day trial;
  • 14-day return policy;
  • Entirely undetectable on phone (doesn’t cause heating, lagging, or increased battery consumption);
  • Quick sync time;
  • Customer support 24/7.
  • High cost compared to competitors’ solutions;
  • No geofencing feature.


Spyzzz is fully compatible with all iPhones, regardless of the iOS version, and you can use the app without jailbreaking.


  • Monthly plan: $49.99;
  • Quarterly plan: $29.99/month;
  • Annual plan: $12.49/month.


FamiSafe is the most trusted parental control app. The numbers speak for themselves: with FamiSafe, over 5 million children worldwide are protected, 10,000 pages of adult and gambling content are excluded from searches, 20,000 apps are blocked, and 5 million texts related to cyberbullying, suicide and child pornography are identified.

In addition to popular features, the program offers the ability to limit the time on certain websites, social networks, device usage, Geofencing, and even control the child’s driving behavior!

Another app’s fascinating feature is viewing TikTok stories and tracking how much time kids spend using the popular app.


  • Detailed activity report on the target phone;
  • Access to browser history;
  • Web filter (blocking pages based on categories);
  • Screen Time (setting a time limit for using certain applications);
  • YouTube app management (block specific videos or channels);
  • Safe search (blocking content with obscene words or materials);
  • Real-time location, and route history;
  • Geofencing (determining the zone that the child should not leave);
  • Monitoring inappropriate content in SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Messenger Lite, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Kik, as well as suspicious photos;
  • Driving report (monitoring the child’s driving behaviors).
  • Wide range of device monitoring options;
  • Ability to set multiple geofences;
  • Smart scheduling and screen time features;
  • Tracking activity and setting limits for multiple phones with the FamiSafe app;
  • No need to jailbreak the target phone.
  • Lack of hidden mode (up to app removal by the target phone user);
  • Ability to bypass filters using VPN or third-party tools.


FamiSafe works with target devices running on iOS 9.0+ with no need to jailbreak the phone.


  • Family plan: $10.99 for a monthly subscription, $20.99 for a Quarterly subscription, and $60.99 for an annual subscription;
  • School plan: a monthly subscription for 11-20 devices costs $39.98, quarterly subscription for 11-20 devices costs $119.98, and annual subscription for 11-20 devices costs $239.98. The maximum number of devices is 200


uMobix is ​​an advanced program designed primarily for parental control. However, it offers the perfect functionality for spying on your soulmate and watching the activities of the company’s staff.

Being able to use this advanced iOS spy software without jailbreak, you get full access to chats on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, as well as video streaming in Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Snapchat, Hangouts, Klik, Signal, Line, WeChat and even Discord.

One of the most interesting features of the Premium package is the ability to fully control the target device and take screenshots. To date, only a few applications on the market offer this feature.


  • Accessing call log and contact list;
  • Reading all SMS;
  • Accessing browser history;
  • Monitoring social media activity;
  • Controlling the target device;
  • Streaming (access to camera and microphone);
  • Viewing deleted data;
  • Keylogger;
  • Monitoring Geolocation and routes (Premium plan only).
  • Simple interface and easy navigation;
  • Compatible with all operating systems;
  • Detailed reports;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Trial version available;
  • Continuous product development: new features are added every month.
  • The application may seem a little complicated at first glance;
  • The free trial version has limited features.


The app is fully compatible with all modern Apple devices running on iOS 8+. Monitoring without jailbreak is possible only with iCloud.


  • Basic plan: $29.99/month;
  • Full plan: $59.99 for a 1-month subscription, $99.99 for a 3-month subscription, or $179.88 for an annual subscription.


TeenSafe is a multifunctional parental control app specifically designed to effectively monitor a child’s phone activity and set the desired device restrictions.

TeenSafe offers over 35 features to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking it. By installing this app, you can monitor location, installed apps, and media files, and record everything, from calls to chats. It is a perfect choice for spying not only on children, but also on your spouse or employees.

In our tests, TeenSafe earned the highest scores for usability and customer support. The developers guarantee full data protection since the app provides SSL and data encryption (no one has access to your personal data).

Also, TeenSafe offers a flexible subscription plan based on the number of devices and features available.


  • Call tracker;
  • SMS tracker;
  • Web history tracker;
  • Location tracker;
  • Geofencing;
  • Social media tracker;
  • SIM tracker.
  • Quick and easy installation process;
  • Stealth mode;
  • Intuitive dashboard;
  • Huge choice of features;
  • Free trial;
  • The unique flexibility that most other spying apps don’t have;
  • 100% undetectable.
  • The iOS version does not support all features;
  • The browser history update is quite slow.


Teensafe works with all iOS existing devices. Most Teensafe features don’t require you to jailbreak your device.


  • Family subscription: 1-Month Plan — $99.99, 3-Month Plan — $199.99, 1-Year Plan — $399.99;
  • Premium subscription: 1-Month Plan — $49.99, 3-Month Plan — $79.99, 1-Year Plan — $129.99;
  • Business subscription: 1-Month Plan — $199.99, 3-Month Plan — $699.99, 1-Year Plan — $999.99.

Common steps to install spyware on iPhone

  • Provide Internet access to the target phone;
  • If necessary, jailbreak the device, after which you can easily download software from any web source;
  • Download the selected program, install it and register;
  • Log in using your username and password and wait while the program synchronizes data between the target device and your phone.

How to Choose iPhone Surveillance Apps?

  • Features: decide which program features you need most. Many apps offer similar basic functionality, but some of them offer unique features such as Geofencing, monitoring TikTok activity, listening to phone surroundings, etc.;
  • Compatibility: you must make sure that the selected software will actually work on your phone and iOS version installed;
  • Invisibility: another important factor for those who want to spy on another person discreetly;
  • Stability of work: program lags can negate its effectiveness at the most crucial moment;
  • The need for a jailbreak: for normal operation, software must be installed on the device. Also, the installation procedure will vary by application. You will need physical access to the person’s phone;
  • Interface: the simpler it is, the easier it will be for you to monitor someone’s activity;
  • Language: this greatly helps you use the features of the application to the fullest;
  • Price: cost varies by feature set and subscription period. Most often, the most advantageous plans are highlighted in the pricing details.

How Do iPhone Spy Apps Work?

Spy apps may have a different set of features, but in general, they provide enough options for remote and covert monitoring of a person’s activity on his device, from listening and recording his telephone conversations to monitoring keyboard input.

You can use most applications to monitor the activities of a child, spy on your spouse, or analyze the activity of your company employees. Modern spy apps do not affect the operation of the monitored device, do not cause extreme device heating or rapid battery drain, use minimal space and do not add icons to the list of installed programs.

Once you have installed the application on the target phone, it starts reading data from the phone and sending it to a convenient control panel on your device. All you need to make it run smoothly is an internet connection.

What is Jailbreaking and Can I Use iPhone Spy Apps Without It?

Jailbreak is the process of modifying iOS to remove restrictions and give the user more control over the device, such as installing and configuring apps that are not available to users with standard phones.

However, if you want to jailbreak the phone you want to monitor, then you will need to have physical access to it. The problem is that this is not always possible. But can you spy on iPhone without jailbreak?

You need two things for that: first, you must have iCloud credentials for the iOS device; and second, the iCloud backup should be enabled on it. Thus, you can seamlessly monitor a person’s activities on their Apple device without installing a program.

If you need access to an extended list of application features, then you will have to jailbreak the device.

What you need to consider before buying a mobile spy app for iPhone?

There are several important factors to consider when purchasing your “perfect” spyware:

  • A set of program features: these features should not only be modern and advanced, but also necessary for you. Thus, you will pay only for the features you really need. To do this, check out the available plans for the app you are interested in;
  • Compatibility: check if the selected application is supported on the device and iOS version installed;
  • Stealth mode: pay attention to how much space the program takes after being installed on the target phone, whether it negatively affects the device’s performance, its heating and battery consumption, whether it shows pop-up messages on the target device;
  • Ease of installation, operation of the app and user-friendly interface: the easier is the program to use, the better;
  • Price: compare app plans and choose the best one for your needs!

How to Spy on an iPhone without iCloud Credentials?

There are 4 ways to do this:

  • Spyware or stalker software;
  • Spyware for developers/corporate applications;
  • Tracking apps;
  • WiFi sync attack.

Using spy apps for iOS is the easiest and most affordable way for a newbie. Please note that all the programs listed in our TOP are perfect for this purpose, so you can safely use any of them right away!


Do undetectable spy apps for the iPhone really work?

Most today’s iOS spy apps are designed to stay hidden from the user whose device you are monitoring.

Modern and undetectable app for spying on iPhone doesn’t betray its presence in any way: it doesn’t take up a lot of space after installation or affect the device’s heating and battery life, as well as it doesn’t show notifications on the monitored device.

At the same time, most modern applications effectively collect data from the target device, from accessing the contact list to Geofencing, displaying it most conveniently in the application control panel.

Is iPhone Monitoring Software Legal?

There are different types of spyware and different purposes of using them. Although there is illegal spyware, there are many applications used by individuals, companies, and schools, which are recognized as completely legal.

The legality of such applications may vary by country or region. For example, installing spyware on a stranger’s mobile device or computer is considered illegal, while tracking your children’s activity on social networks, and monitoring the calls and messages of your spouse or employees’ actions can be considered absolutely legal.

What can spyware see on an iPhone?

Most modern programs have an identical set of features, namely:

  • Listening to conversations and phone environment;
  • Reading SMS;
  • Viewing emails;
  • Accessing browser history;
  • Tracking Geolocation and routes, Geofencing function;
  • Monitoring Web activity, tracking social networks and instant messengers (as well as blocking certain applications and sites);
  • Viewing media on target phone;
  • Keylogging;
  • SIM change/removal detection notifications, etc.

What are the best spy apps for the iPhone?

Before choosing the best spyware, you need to understand for what purposes you are going to use it (tracking your children, partner, or employees), as well as determine which features you will need in the first place.

Choosing one of the three applications from our top is a win-win, as these are universal, modern, undetectable, and feature-rich solutions with flexible pricing plans.

What is the best free iPhone app to spy on someone?

First of all, decide which features you will be using. Perhaps you only need to listen to telephone conversations? Or do you need a Geofencing feature to track your child’s routes? Or maybe you are wondering what applications your employees are using in the workplace?

Also, find out if the program you choose has a demo version or a trial period; this will help you to get to know its features better before purchasing the product!

Top undetectable iPhone spyware

So, choosing the best spy software for iPhone is not that difficult: you need to clearly understand what features you need first, compare the cost of subscription plans, and check out if the app is reliable and easy to use.

Also, you need to figure out whether you will have access to the target phone, and if not, then we recommend that you use advanced spy apps for iOS without jailbreak!

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