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Top Phone Tracker App of 2022 with Review

First of all welcome to PhoneSpyAppsReview website. We are here to provide the best suggestion to you before buying a phone tracking app. There is a lot of junk in the market if you search for best mobile phone tracking app software but only some of them are useful. So we have selected the best Phone tracking software for you with their pros and cons. So just check out the whole website and compare the prices and features and select the best suitable Spy phone tracking software for you.We have Put together a list of the best mobile phone trackinig apps to choose the best one for you. Take a look at each and select the best that suitable for you and your pocket.

What is Phone Tracking Software?

Phone tracking software is a program that records all the details of your target’s Digital device like Smartphone, PC, Laptop and Tablet and sends it directly to your account. In previous days Spy software was mainly used by companies to check out their employees and by spy agencies. These days Spy software is widely used by people to spy on other’s privacy. Parents are using Cell Phone tracking apps to control their children’s activity online to prevent them from doing something bad.

How much tracking app without permission costs?

There are many Spy Software companies around the world but all are not trustable. There is a huge variance in the price of Spy Software companies, But if you want to go with the cheapest one then you can get it from $20/month. If you don’t want to go with monthly price scheme then you can go with HighsterMobile with a single payment.

Top 5 Phone Spy Software

As we already said that there is a lot of junk in the market with the name of Spy Software. But we have selected the best we found on the internet since last 5 years. So we have categories and reviewed all the feature of each and every Spy software that is given below and tried to provide you the best.

Note: – All of the call tracking app that is given below is 100% Undetectable. The application runs in the Background without the user being aware of it

1. mSpy

(No JailBreak Required)

mSpy is the most Powerful Cell Phone Monitoring software with some great features. It is easy to use and compatible with most of all platform like Android and iOS. This is Most Popular tracking cell phone apps because this works on iOS without jailbreaking!

This also has the Basic features of Spy tracking software like Text message managing, GPS tracker, Social networking monitoring, Call Recording, Surrounding Recoding. But It has some awesome features that make it stand out of the crowd we are simply putting light on these features.

mSpy is compatible With iOS, Android along with Mac and Windows.

track mobile phone without permission

Features Of mSpy

  • JailBreak Solution: This is the thing that makes mSpy most Popular. mSpy is the only cell phone tracker that can monitor any iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking. You don’t need to install an app to the device itself. Instead, activity is extracted from iCloud and Viewed on a web-based control Panel.
  • Keylogging: This is also a very awesome feature of mSpy with this you can monitor all the keystrokes that are pressed on the target’s Phone. With this feature, you can know that what they are typing into instant messenger apps like Skype and Whatsapp. This feature is only available on Android devices.
  • Blocking Website and Apps: mSpy can be used as the parental control software for mobile phone. It allows a parent to block any website or content that is harmful to your child.
  • Unlimited Device Changes: You can use mSpy on unlimited Devices but on a single device at a time.
  • 24/7 Customer support: One of the best customer service in spy software market.
  • mSpy is the best cell phone tracker app if you are looking a spy for parental control. You can check a demo also on their Website that shows how mSpy works.

2. FlexiSPY

*Best Spy Software For iPhone and iPads*

This is one of the oldest company in the spy software market. FlexiSPY is serving their spy software service since 2005. It has the most advanced and powerful features and works with a wide range of variety of mobile platform, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian. This takes less than 5 minutes to install and get started the spying on your target. Within a minute you can track the location, Photos and videos, Chats, Facebook, Viber, Call Logs and the whole mobile phone of your target.

FlexiSPY Provide their services in two Versions the one is called Premium and the other one is Extreme. The Extreme version has most advanced features than the Premium Version and provides you, even more, the ability to spy on a Cell Phone. So If you don’t know enough about the best phone tracking app then you must go with FlexiSPY, because they have a dedicated 24*7 helpline and Live chat Facility also. Some of the best features that make FlexiSPY best are given Below you must take a look at these feature before buying it.

If you buy an Extreme you can basically monitor every activity on target phone plus know its whereabouts, social media password, and surrounding environment and all under your control. After installing the FlexiSPY app and configuring the settings, their phone activity will be collected and stored on the FlexiSPY servers, so you can view them by logging into your control panel from your computer or mobile device.

What do we suggest about FlexiSPY?

In our opinion, you should use FlexiSPY if you have a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad. This application is specially designed for advanced users. If you are not familiar with rooting and jailbreaking. We Highly recommend you to use Highster Mobile.

FlexiSPY is the most power packed and most advanced app but it is the little bit expensive. Make sure you what you need before buying any FlexiSPY.

Features of FlexiSPY

  • Record Phone Calls: FlexiSPY can record all the calls that your target makes or receive. You can listen to all the recorded calls from the FlexiSPY Control Panel.
  • Call Intercept: With this feature, you can listen to all live calls that happen on target’s Phone on real time.
  • Record Surroundings: FlexiSPY lets you record all the sounds that are happening near the Target’s Phone.
  • Spy on Password (Password Cracker): This is one of the best feature any call tracking app that allows you to see all password entered on the phone. You can easily see the actual password they use for social messaging, emails and applications.
  • RemCam: With this feature, you can remotely take pictures from your target’s phone. All the pictures will be uploaded directly on the FlexiSPY Control Panel.
  • Instant GPS Locations: Getting the current GPS location, view the latest locations on a map.
  • Remotely Control The Phone: FlexiSPY allows you to make any changes remotely through your online web panel. This is something I haven’t seen in other monitoring applications.

3. Highster Mobile

*Recommended for Android Phone and Tablet*

If you are looking for cheap and Best Mobile tracking software then Highster is the Best for you. This is also packed with features that will help you monitor all aspects of a cell phone, but it does not have as many as advanced features as FlexiSPY Extreme. This is the best apps for tracking phones you can get for this price.

Highster Mobile Has done an awesome work with all Android devices. If you don’t know more about spying then this is best for you because this is not too costly and easy to setup. Highster Mobile is easily affordable for all users. This also has some power-packed features like Call interceptor Surrounding Recording.

This is the low-cost SPY Software which is available in the market now. It is very easy to use and Doesn’t require special efforts of setting it up. This works nicely with iOS and Android. We have tested it on Moto G3, Samsung Galaxy S5, and iPhone 5S and it works fine with all.

Features of Highster Mobile

  • Text Message Monitoring: Highster Mobile can record all SMS text message that is sent or received on the Target phone. You can view all the SMS logs on your Control Panel.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: With this phone spy you can track your target’s location in real time. Highster Mobile update the location in real time.
  • Social Media Monitoring: This is one of the best features for tracking phones. Highster Mobile is widely used for Social media monitoring. You can monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and all other Social Media Platform.
  • Stealth Camera: This feature allows you to take pictures remotely from the target’s Phone.
  • Call Monitoring: Monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls, date and time of all calls, Phone number of the person calling or being called. You can check out the full logs of the phone calls on your Control Panel.
  • Photos and Videos Log:  You can view all photos and videos taken on the targe’s phone.
  • Contacts and Calendar: View New Contacts and Calendar entries.
  • Browser History: You can check out all the history that your target Browse on the internet. 

4. Truthspy

This is also a very nice call tracking app. As the name suggest this will help you to protect your children from the harmful activities on the internet.This also has all the basic features that all other above tracking software have. With this, you can remotely access your target’s phone.

Why should you use TheTruthSpy?

  • The TruthSpy is the most powerful spy Phone software with highly innovative features.
  • You can spy on virtually any phone remotely and invisibly
  • Because it costs you less than your daily cup of coffee!
  • The TruthSpy works on all phones on all networks.
  • Very easy to install and simple to use.
  • A dedicated, 24/7 customer support team
  • All features that a spy software must have.

5. Spyera

This is also a power packed Spy software So it stands on the 5th rank in Thousands of apps. This has a very simple user interface. You can easily Install and use it. It has all the basic features like GPS tracking, Instant messenger Tracking, and Many more features. But you need to check out below for some features that spyera offers.

Features of Spyera

  • Live Call listening: With Spyera you can Listen to the live calls that are happening on the target phone.
  • Live Call Recording: You can also record the calls which happen on your target’s phone and can listen to them anytime from your Spyera control Panel.
  • Real-time Ambient Listening: You can listen the sound of target’s surrounding that is happening in real time.
  • Spy on VoIP Apps: Instant messaging is not just about text and pictures anymore. VOIP is also key. This is why for all VOIP calls that are made on the Target Device Spyera will give you the logs of the VOIP call.
  • Many More Feature like password grabber, Location tracer, See call history

Basics You Need to Know Before you Buy phone tracker app

  • You need access to the target phone because you have to install the tracking apps once that you want to track. So you need a single time access to the target’s phone.
  • Make sure that the app that you buy is compatible with your phone. Almost all software companies offer almost all platform support but we suggest you check out once before you buy.
  • The target phone should have working internet plans. Because all activities that the spy software records will be uploaded to the Spy company server.
  • Check out that your app has a nice customer support team that is there to help you to with your problems.

So, guys, these are the best phone tracker app without permission in the market. But in our suggestion mSpy is the best one you can get for iPhone or iPads but if you are looking for cheap phone tracker app without permission then you have to go With Highster Mobile. We have Reviewed all the Best phone tracker Software in details we suggest you go with that also.

How do I find a free Mobile Tracking app?

Many people believe that free mobile trackers are available and they just need to sign up and begin recording the location of their phone as well as activities. But, that’s not true. The majority of “free” sites are frauds created to steal your personal data.

The most efficient method of tracking your phone is to use an accessible mobile tracker such as the ones we test on this site. They offer a no-cost trial, which means you can test them before you commit to a contract.

Mobile Tracker Compatibility

The first step is to determine if you’re going to use the phone tracker app to track the phone of someone else or a computer. For compatibility with desktop devices the most reliable mobile tracker application choices are that are compatible with Windows as well as macOS systems. For phones, the most common compatibility requirements are Android or iOS devices.

It’s true that there are some exceptions. Not all of the top mobile phone tracking apps can be used on all platforms. Some applications don’t work with iOS and Spyic isn’t compatible with computers.
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